Terms & Conditions
User Information
KiosMusic collects User information in order to process and expedite the use of the KiosMusic website. This action has obtained User approval at the time of information collection. KiosMusic collects personal information when a User registers for KiosMusic, when a User uses the KiosMusic service, when a User visits the KiosMusic page or the pages of certain partners of KiosMusic, and when you contact KiosMusic. KiosMusic can combine information about Users that we have with information that we get from business partners or other companies.

When you register to become a KiosMusic User, KiosMusic will collect the User's personal data, i.e. full name, e-mail address, place and date of birth, contact telephone number, password, and other required information. By providing this information/data, you understand that KiosMusic can request and obtain any User's personal information/data for the continuity and security of this site.

KiosMusic will collect and process complete information about transactions or offers or other financial relationships that users carry out through the KiosMusic website and regarding the fulfillment of User orders.

When the User contacts KiosMusic, KiosMusic keeps a record of the correspondence and the contents of the communication between the User and KiosMusic.

The User understands and agrees that the User's name and City area (not the full address) of the User is the general information stated on the User's KiosMusic profile page.

KiosMusic automatically receives and records information from the user's computer and browser, including IP address, KiosMusic cookie information, software and hardware attributes, and the page the user requests.

Any User information/data submitted to KiosMusic and/or collected by KiosMusic is protected with the best possible efforts by tested security devices, which are used by KiosMusic electronically.

The confidentiality of the password is the responsibility of each User. KiosMusic is not responsible for losses that can be caused by the user's negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of his password.
Use of Information
KiosMusic can use all User information/data as a reference for efforts to improve products and services.
KiosMusic can use and process User Information/data with the aim of customizing the KiosMusic site according to User interests.
KiosMusic can use all User information/data for KiosMusic's internal needs regarding market research, promotion of new products, special offers, or other information, where KiosMusic can contact Users via email, letter, telephone, fax.
KiosMusic can ask Users to complete surveys that KiosMusic uses for research or other purposes, although Users do not have to respond to it.
KiosMusic can contact Users via email, letter, telephone, fax, including but not limited, to assist and / or complete the process of buying and selling transactions between Users.
The KiosMusic site has the possibility of connecting with other sites outside the KiosMusic site, thus the User is aware and understands that KiosMusic is not responsible for the confidentiality of User information after the User has accessed these sites by leaving or outside the KiosMusic site.
Disclosure of User Information
KiosMusic guarantees that there is no sale, transfer, distribution or loan of your personal information/data to other third parties, without your permission. Except in the following cases:
  1. If KiosMusic as a whole or part of its assets is acquired or merged with a third party, then the personal data held by KiosMusic will be one of the assets transferred or merged.
  2. If KiosMusic is obliged to disclose and/or share the User's data to comply with legal obligations and/or to enforce or implement the terms of use of KiosMusic as stated in the KiosMusic Terms and Conditions and/or other engagements between KiosMusic and third parties, or to protect the rights, property or safety of KiosMusic, KiosMusic customers or other parties. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations to protect KiosMusic and its users, including but not limited to fraud, financial loss or other risk reduction.
Cookies are small files that automatically take place on the user's computer, to identify and monitor the user's network connection, thus allowing the user to access services from the KiosMusic site optimally.
These cookies are not intended to be used when accessing other information/data that the User has on the User's computer device, other than what the User has agreed to submit.
Even though the User's computer device will automatically accept cookies, the User can make the choice to make modifications through the settings/settings of the user's browser by choosing to reject cookies (this option can limit the optimal service when accessing the KiosMusic site).
KiosMusic has used Google Analytics Demographics and Interest features. The data we obtain from these features, such as age, gender, and interests of Users, will be used for site development and KiosMusic content. If you don't want your data to be tracked by Google Analytics, you can use the Google Analytics Add-On Browser Opt-Out.
KiosMusic can and has the right to use features provided by third parties to improve the services and content of KiosMusic, including adjusting advertisements to each user based on interests or visitation history. If you don't want your ad to be displayed based on these adjustments, then you can deactivate it via the following link.
kiosMusic Trademark
KiosMusic site contains material information/data that is valid and registered under applicable regulations, misuse of information/data that has been legally registered is a violation of the law and can be prosecuted according to the provisions of the applicable legislation. The information/data material referred to is not limited to trademark, design, appearance, interface, and graphics. The name and logo "KiosMusic" has been officially registered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Directorate General of Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. Other parties are prohibited by law from using or naming "KiosMusic" names and / or logos for certain personal and group interests without special powers granted to it, with or without the knowledge of KiosMusic. Violation of this matter will be subject to violations of copyright and intellectual property rights. Legal action will be taken if attempted intentional action, whether intentional or unintentional, to change, access the KiosMusic site pages forcibly created not for public consumption, or damage the KiosMusic site and / or server equipment contained therein, without special permission provided by the official and legitimate manager of KiosMusic.
Critics and Suggestions
All types of critics, suggestions, and other needs can be conveyed to Contact Us